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Old Christians Club
Old Christians Club
The “Old Christians Club” from Carrasco was founded to prevent the students of the “Stella Maris School” of Montevideo from giving up practising Rugby, which was the sport practised at this school.

With the passing of the years this spot got to be very popular at Uruguay. The first team of the “Old Christians” with logo got to be one of the best in the country. In 1968 they won the Uruguayan National championship, exploit which repeated again two years later. In 1971 they decided to face the Chilean teams.

To achieve their purpose and to make the trip less expensive, they hired a plane from the Uruguayan Air Force, which would take them to Santiago de Chile. There, the “Old Christians” won one match and lost another one, at the same time they spent a little holiday in Chile, and for many passengers that was the first time they came out of their country. It was such a success that little after the arrival at Uruguay, they started organising the same trip for the next year.
One of the problems was to complete the 40 seats the Air Force offered, the more seats they sold the less would the ticket cost. The price of the 40 seats was 1600 dollars, if all of them were sold it would only have cost 40 dollars per head the return ticket. There was a rumour going round that the trip could be cancelled, but they finally came to sell all the seats among relatives, friends and team supporters.
On Wednesday 12th October of 1972 in the morning, the passengers of the Fairchild F-227 started to arrive at Carrasco Airport to set off on the second Old Christian’s trip to Chile.

At five past eight the Uruguayan Air Force plane took off from Carrasco’s Airport in direction to Santiago de Chile with forty passengers and 5 people from the crew.


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