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30th Anniversary
Conferences - Roberto Canessa
Roberto Canessa"Sobrevivir de Los Andes fue el desafío mas importante de mi vida, ya que tuvimos que optimizar al máximo nuestras posibilidades cuando a los 10 días escuchamos por radio que la búsqueda se había suspendido, nos dimos cuenta que salir dependía solo de nosotros mismos. Nos dimos cuenta que ante la pérdida de los elementos más básicos, como lo es no tener un lugar donde dormir, sin que el peligro de un alud, te mate, o no tener que comer hace despertar los principios mas nobles del hombre, como lo es la solidaridad, el espíritu de sacrificio y la valentía. Y aprendimos que cuando las condiciones externas son mas miserables, es cuando surge la esencia mas pura del hombre. En esa época aprendí que tomar decisiones, liderar grupos humanos, y lograr objetivos, esta siempre a nuestro alcance, si se tiene la convicción necesaria, aun en las condiciones mas adversas."

"Seventy two days lost in The Andes, under freezing temperatures, seeing your most friends dying, even using their bodies to survive,taught me the decision making it ´s what rules our lifes. Also when we heard at the radio, 10 days later after the crash, that the search had been called off, made me realize that even the worst news, it´s an opportunity. "

"In our case making the decision of walking out of that terrible place. Now when I give conferences of leadership, and in such an adverse environment, when you loose every material thing, and you are left to the most basic essence of life, we had to resort to the most pure values of the human beings. Friendship, Generosity, and Bravery. Because this was the only way to keep up our moral and loosing the fear to die and to tell God,I maybe defeated, but I never will give up."

"I know that everyone in his life will be faced, in some moment, to climb his own "Andes Mountains", and the way you climb it, it´s up to you."

Roberto Canessa Cardiologo"I think that there were 5 main obtacles, we had to overcome, the plane crash, the avalange, having to use our dead friends to nutrige, and to get out on a 10 day expedition climbing 50,000 feet. Each of these obstacles were a challenge that we had to overcome discussing them as a team, and making the appropiate decisions, that doesn´t mean, they were the best ones. I think that the rules of team work, learned in the mountains, are the essence of team work and achievement. If we have waited there for the rescue, we would have all die. "If you want the helicopters, Go and look for them. Don´t wait for the helicopters, because they are in yourself".

Dr. Roberto Canessa, has given conferences of human groups in crisis situations, based on his real experience to companies, among which are :
  • Johnson y Johnson
  • HSBC
  • TV azteca
  • Prudential
  • Universidad Marroquin de Guatemala
  • Turismo Cocha Chile
  • WoodSide Priori School San Francisco
  • Kimberly Clark

The conference conscists of a 30 minutes video, 90 minutes speech and 30 minutes questions. These can be adjusted according to the audience. This is a history that happened to families, and the audience can range beginning, with boys 10 years old.

Roberto Canessa en Conferencia

You may contact Dr. Roberto Canessa at

I tell the people that if you have a bed to sleep, some food to eat, and a glass of water, the rest it´s up to you.

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