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Conferences - Ramón Sabella
A conference tailored to the meet the needs of your business


A program developed in collaboration with well-known academics from prestigious regional Business Schools

  A story of survival as a learning tool for a high impact executive program

  A comprehensive and highly detailed analysis of the needs and objectives of your business providing tangible results

“Our lives changed in just one minute: from being individuals who had everything to have nothing, being condemned to death. However, without noticing, we started to create our own “business” in order to survive. We put together an entity getting the most out of the different individuals’ skills and capabilities. Having been able to work as a team saved our lives, leaving aside the negative aspects and making critical decisions at critical times”.

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Success in our hands

A Conference that significantly impact on your business’ Human Resources.

Reinforces 'Directors’ compromise and loyalty.

”The Human Adventure” Series of Conferences
A Conference tailored to meet the needs of your business
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Success in our hands

A lot has been said about team-work, decision making processes, planning, clear objectives, conflict management, education & learning, leadership, and other theoretical concepts. However, we hardly understand their relevance and real impact within our businesses. For Moncho Sabella and his colleagues, the main objective of their “business” was nothing but to survive. Our goal was only achieved by working with scarce resources and transforming those theoretical concepts into tangible tools. The main thing to success in business is to have the right human capital, motivation, right attitude and a true commitment towards the organization and colleagues.
Some speakers make a difference because they are seen as a kind of “superman” or “superwoman”, inspiring the audience because they represent an outstanding person simply by being different. However, Moncho Sabella is not one of these. When he had to face his biggest challenge, he had no different capabilities or abilities than the rest of the group with whom he achieved the impossible: surviving 72 days in the mountain on their own. The key to success is to take the most out of those personal characteristics from each and every individual in the team.


Our goal was only achieved by working with scarce resources and transforming those theoretical concepts into tangible tools.

High impact on your business’ production chain

"The Human Adventure” Series of Conferences

In October 1972, an airplane from the Uruguayan Air Force, carrying young rugby players from the Old Christians School, crashes in the Los Andes Mountain. Only 16 out of 45 could survive. Height, extreme temperatures, lack of food and many other adversities froze any possible chance of survival. The only certainty was a slow death. The only way to achieve survival was to walk across the Andes.
“The Human Adventure” Series of Conferences is based on this story to inspire discussion and to guide businesses both in crucial managerial aspects and the adventure of life. The discussion enables participants to identify the essential tools an organization should develop in order to achieve its long-term objectives. Nowadays, organizational and managerial capabilities are the only two sustainable competitive advantages. Besides, the ability to learn and work as a team is the pillar on which management should rely in order to overcome their daily “mountains”.


It allows reviewing the ethics and values of Directors’ actions.

Leadership and success are achieved by means of own examples.

A Conference tailored to meet the needs of your business

Every business is different. Every company has different human and technical resources. As a result, we consider the importance of adapting each conference to the profile of each company and its specific circumstances. In order to differentiate from other motivational conferences, “The Human Adventure” of Moncho Sabella is developed in collaboration with the company. The facts already mentioned above, such as team-work, sales targets, internal conflict and competition are taken into account as well as working in analogy with the “business” up in the mountain, comparing similar situations. By doing so, conflicts can be analyzed from an emotional point of view. These tailor made conferences have a direct impact on every participant form a personal and professional point of view.

These Series of Conferences is targeted to business people willing to observe and reflect on a survival and learning experience. The learnings from this experience could be taken as a breaking point in the management style of the company, the setting of new goals and its road to success. Participants can be from different competitive environments, a diverse range of business scenarios or circumstances, but the fact that members of the audience are from all levels of the organization creates additional motivational discussions about the company and its individuals.


Based on an exhaustive and detailed analysis of the needs to achieve significant results

Invites to reflect on an emotional story of survival.

Conference program

In this session, documentary videos enable participants to go back in time and understand the events in context. Special interviews with survivors and others will also illustrate this historical event. Duration: 45 minutes

The Human Adventure: Lessons for your Business
This session is especially targeted for business people. Highlights of the movie “Alive” are shown with the purpose of identifying and discussing the critical elements the group had to face and overcome. Analysis of different issues such as creativity, capabilities, conflict management, team-work, learning, leadership and values are generated spontaneously. Additional issues relevant to each company are also analyzed. This session finishes with a summary and a practical business model around different factors that make a successful management strategy. Duration: 90 minutes

The Human Adventure: Lessons for Life
Beyond the professional elements, we identify personal aspects that help achieve a better quality of life, enjoying and enhancing the present, with no regrets on the past or “nostalgia” for a better future, but overall, to have no fear of failure and work hard towards a successful future, as in this circumstances one can learn and develop.
From a personal point of view, Ramón Sabella focuses on those conflicts faced up in the mountain and explains how they were overcome. Using an easy, colloquial and honest tone, he shares his personal perceptions, fears and strengths, aspirations and constrains faced in the mountain. All this presented in the context of 30 years holding these outstanding memories. In his presentations, he shares his learnings and his personal experience when dealing with ordinary daily issues once back in society. “Lessons for Life” is of great interest for the general public, mainly for teens and young adults.


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Adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of companies from different sectors and countries.

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